Four Books for Urban Gardeners

While I'm not a whiner by nature, I have admittedly lamented to gardener friends in the past how difficult it is to allow my green thumb to express itself in an urban setting. Like a caged greyhound ready to run, I feel the frustration of limited space. Since I love the conveniences and opportunities of big cities, I cannot seem to exchange these benefits for a big yard out in the country. Still, the natural gardener in me is perpetually pounding at the proverbial gate, so desperate to plant, grow, reap and sow.

My outlet has been my collection of many books on gardening, which I feel are preparing me for the eventual plot of land I will one day tend with my bare hands. Ever the conscientious student, I'm reading up on all the how-tos and whys and whens and wheres of gardening. Below I've selected four new books that will delight any urban gardener. Any gardener with a balcony or a very small plot of city land will find these books not only useful but deeply inspiring. Beyond I've shared some inspiring photos of beautifully-designed urban gardens that delight the eyes and prove what is possible, even in tight quarters.
Master British gardener Alys Fowler guides those with small spaces through simple steps to create a bountiful, thriving garden. After covering the processes of planning, composting, pruning, harvesting, propagating and even rescuing neglected plants, every reader, no matter how minute their space is, can create a gorgeous oasis. Paperback: 192 pages.

Ten years ago, one of the world's most respected gardeners, British-bred Dan Pearson, discovered a neglected city plot and sought to turn it into a thriving garden space. Written as a compelling essay, Home Ground documents that inspiring project, complete with Pearson's successes, failures and gorgeous, full-page photos. Hardover: 272 pages.

An expert gardener for small, urban spaces, Isabelle Palmer, founder of The Balcony Gardener, offers unique ideas that will have every city dweller itching to exercise their green thumb. This user-friendly guide features innovative ideas like an herb box dedicated to seasoning fish that will elevate city abode into a thriving, creative landscape. Hardcover: 144 pages.

British author Deborah Schneebeli-Morrell guides readers to a flourishing, potted garden whether you have a snug window ledge or a spacious patio to use. Focused on innovative methods that utilize household materials like woven sacks, laundry baskets and colanders to contain your peppers and potatoes, Grow Your Own Vegetables In Pots features thirty-five ways to cultivate your vegetables, herbs and fruit from scratch. Featuring step-by-step photos and fail-proof instructions, even the novice gardener will have the neighbors stopping by for salad fixings. Paperback: 144 pages.

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Beautiful books Andrew, amazing images of designed urban gardens. Have a wonderful weekend.