Sarah Carey the new Editor of Everyday Food

Sarah Carey is replacing Anna Last as the editor-in-chief of Everyday Food. Sarah, who has been a longtime food editor at Martha Stewart Living and a co-host of the Everyday Food program on PBS, will assume the role immediately. Anna is leaving MSLO to pursue other interests. In a statement, Martha had nothing but fond things to say about both women:

"I can think of no better person to serve as its editor-in-chief. As our readers, viewers, users and listeners know, Sarah is a passionate cook and extremely knowledgeable about food. She has so much to offer this brand and our enthusiastic consumers, and I am happy to have her at the helm of this wonderful magazine."

As for Anna Last, Martha wishes her the best:

"I would like to thank Anna Last for steering both print and digital issues of the magazine over the last two-and-a-half years. Anna has been instrumental in building a loyal base of readers for Everyday Food, and for delivering extremely high levels of reader satisfaction."

I only spoke to Anna Last once in person and even in those brief moments she left an impression on me: kind, gentle and inspired. When I spoke to her, I thanked her for the wonderful, refreshing changes she brought to the magazine after she assumed the role and she was genuinely touched by the compliment. I know she will be brilliant at everything she pursues in the future. And I know Sarah will be wonderful as editor-in-chief.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the revolving door of MS magazine editors. . . .it would be interesting to peel away the layers of the onion and know the real stories!

Any inside scoop, Andrew, about how the various magazines are doing?


No inside scoop needed! The magazines are performing really well, actually, considering the economy. They're both top players in their categories. This year's November issues of both magazines (Everyday Food and Living) were chalk full of ads, which is always a healthy sign.

Good Things by David said...

I agree Andrew! So many magazines have folded (it's hard to keep track) over the years, but MSL & E.F. continue at full speed ahead. I must admit that I sometimes have a bit of trouble understanding who the target audience is with some of the content in MSL, but the magazine is strong. My subscriptions continue!

Kenn said...

Very happy for Sarah.. a well deserved appointment.

I have to agree with your first reader to make a comment.. you have to wonder.. with the new position taking effect immediately - my gut tells me there is a bit more than Anna being off to persue other interests. Oh well.. by now, we're all used to editors coming and going.

Anonymous said...

Any idea where Whole Living stands?? Can't figure out that target audience -- Whole Foods newstand? Yoga enthusiasts? Vegans? MS Living seems to have serious overlaps in content and intent with Whole Living. . .do you think it has a future??!?


Whole Living is the one MSLO magazine offering that I'm not that into. It was acquired, not created by Martha and that probably has something to do with it. It's just not my cup of elderberry tea.

maya said...

Anna Last really transformed EDF from inside out. it looked so much better, more polished and more stylish ever since she came on board. Good luck anna, wherever you may go!

BTW sarah rules!! i love her.