Oatmeal Cookie Clip-Art

While summer may provide a bounty of delicious fresh fruits and vegetables, winter's offerings are tummy-warming tributes to comfort. One such treat must be the oatmeal cookie, the chocolate-chip cookie's more health-conscious rival. Hardy and healthful, oatmeal cookies are also filled with flavour: cinnamon, brown sugar, vanilla and golden raisins. The last page of Martha Stewart Living magazine (once dedicated to the Cookie of the Month) is now called "Make and Give" and will feature a yummy treat each month with fun packaging ideas for the gift-giver, including original clip-art from marthastewart.com. January's offering is the aforementioned oatmeal cookie - a classic and simple recipe - along with a beautiful label that you can download and attach to an empty canister of oats before filling it with your homemade cookies. Click here to get the template (PDF) and to see the recipe.
I love the templates. This one above is for the lid. Print the designs on peel-and-stick adhesive paper (available at office-supply stores) and cut it to size. There is room on the main label to write the recipient's name. The label extends around the canister and also features the recipe.


Kenn said...

When I saw this in the January issue, the first thing that came to mind was: "Now, this is just clever!" I love the idea of packing the cookies back into the oatmeal container. The label is GREAT!

Tania McCartney said...

Gorgeously lovely. I need to bake. NOW!