Festive Stamps

Several years ago, when I spent a spring in Scotland, I visited an amazing antique emporium in Douane. The centre there was comprised of hundreds of thousands of square feet of amazing finds and treasures. (One could spend several days there and still not have seen everything.) My focus was postcards and Wedgwood, two of only three ''classes'' of goods that I collect, the third being tea cups. (For ease of travel, I avoided delicate china.) I found two black basalt Wedgwood pieces from the 1930s that I really loved and I found several troves of old postcards at various vendors within the complex. I purchased about 15 in total, including the postcards shown below, which depict the images of commemorative English holiday stamps. I thought I would share some of them with you since the illustrations are beautiful in their festive simplicity. You never know where you can find holiday magic!
In 1980, the Royal Mail designed this series of holiday stamps. They were sold in sets featuring all designs, as well as individually. This one depicts a stylized Christmas tree with pinecones, candles and partridges. The illustrations are by Jeffrey Matthews.
An arched bough of holly, crowned with a festive bow and adorned with ornaments.A beautiful candle vignette.Quinces, ribbon and mistletoe combine to make a striking design.
This stamp was designed by Fritz Wegner in 1981 and depicts a group of medieval Mummers in full dress. (Mummers are Celtic revelers or merrymakers who performed acts, door to door or in public squres, during the dreary winter months to entertain and enliven the community.)It's a bit early, but Wegner designed this charming Saint Valentine's Day stamp as well. Both of these last two postcards contain an example of the actual stamp, shown bottom right.


Andrea said...

Beautiful stamps. I especially love the Medieval mummers! Thanks for sharing.

Free Art Printables said...

I love these stamps, they are gorgeous!

Perfecting Pru said...

They just don't do stamps over here like that anymore! This year the stamps have Wallace & Gromit on - I prefer the plain stamps - but your collection is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Love the stamps! Such a unique way to add character to good ole' snail mail!
Happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

Collecting postcards is the best hobby of all. Much better than all these books that clutter up my life
but I can't overcome my addiction to the printed page, well you know my weakness for dishes and Royal Mail. Stamps are so wonderful and have a great Holiday.. Ann