The Beekman in Country Living

The ever-fabulous Beekman Boys (Dr. Brent Ridge and author Josh Kilmer-Purcell) are not ones to let the holidays slip by without festooning their glorious digs with the most gorgeous of trim. And who better to help them than the editors at Country Living magazine? Thankfully, in the current issue (December/January) we can all experience the exquisite results. The feature article by Joshua Lyon traces the urban couple's history at the Beekman farm/mansion and how they have come to represent a new era of prosperity for the town of Sharon Springs, which only several years ago was a forgotten ghost town with a storied past, complete with boarded up hotels and ramshackle cabins sinking into the underbrush. You can read about my visit to the town last year and my evening with Josh by clicking here.
That's their living room on the cover. On the magazine's splash page, the Beekman is shown at night with its windows all aglow.
Lush photographs by Lucas Allen and holiday styling by Karin Lidbeck-Brent come together to create some magical holiday scenes. I wanted to share some of the magic here, but you can read the full article in the magazine or by clicking here to read the article online. You can, of course, find Brent and Josh on Planet Green on their reality show, The Fabulous Beekman Boys, or see what they're developing for their company Beekman 1802 at their website.


Brent and Josh said...

We hope you have a wonderful and beautiful holiday season, Andrew

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

* Andrew, can you delete my last post? This is the corrected version, sans typos. I wish you had an edit button on here. Once it's been submitted, it's gone, and we can't make any changes! Thnx!

Wow, it looks like they have done a lot to it since the reality show, which was filmed last year, I believe. They musy have been busy decorating, because that is one thing I noticed on the show - while the house had beautiful bones, it was not decorated much, or sort of haphazardly done. I imagine the boys are very busy, but perhaps they have retained the services of a decorator?! Their show isn't on any longer,on my cable at least, but I think you can still watch the episodes on line. I must say, it was one of the better reality shows I had ever seen - very honest in its approach and presentation. They didn't gloss over their problems and difficulties.

Heather Rogers said...

I love this show with the Beekman Boys. I have always dreamed of living somewhere like this. They sure did turn that old farm house into a beauty. I hope the show will be back for another season. I enjoyed watching them and Polka Spot. :)

Dan said...

I just received my Country Living and I loved the Beekman house. Brent and Josh have done a wonderful job!