Good Things for...Hoses?

While looking through a past issue of Martha Stewart Living (I prescribe myself at least one issue a day, and this one was the July 2001 issue) I came across three Good Things that I felt I had to share, given the season. All of them are connected to the rural outdoors and to the use of hoses. I've always been a sucker for themes.
This is a Good Thing I've always loved. As a frequent cottage-goer and beach comber this time of year, there was something very alluring about its casual practicality. Designate a grassy spot a step away from your porch or patio as the place for washing sandy feet before re-entering the house. Make a weatherproof frame with four three-inch-tall boards. The box shown is 16 inches square. Fill it will several layers of smooth, flat stones - river stones look particularly handsome and are easy on the soles. Sand rinses away into the stones and grass below, leaving bare feet clean.
A standard, galvanized paint bucket makes a multipurpose garden-hose caddy. Drill three holes in a triangular pattern in the bottom of the bucket. Depending on your wall surface, bolt or screw the bucket to the wall; use washers to strengthen the cut edges of the holes. The space inside the mounted bucket provides additional storage; a sprinkler fits nicely inside.

Designating a spot in the garden for washing up is always a Good Thing. This little station includes a small wire caddy for a sponge and liquid soap. The bar of soap was altered with a rope to make it easy to hang, and therefore difficult to lose. To make soap on a rope, use an apple corer lengthwise through the soap, which should be large enough to withstand the coring. Fold a three-foot length of cotton rope in half and push both ends through the hole; tie a square not at the bottom of the soap and hang it near an outdoor faucet.


Pru said...

First off I need to get a hose - I currently do all the watering by hand - and its time consuming, but then I would put the third item into practice. I know exactly where I would put it as well! I too choose a different magazine a night to read. I am always saying to mum and dad 'pick a month' and then I go with that!


Pru, I need a yard first. Then a hose. Regarding the magazine-a-day rule, I always knew that great minds think alike.

Anonymous said...

Those are an attractive-looking pair of feet!

pressure washer hose said...

Yeah! there are many good things for hoses. I also have a pressure washer hose. I used for cleaning. Anyway, I enjoyed reading this post. Keep posting.


Emmon Scott said...

Hi - I'm so glad I just found your blogsite. This post in particular struck me -- I guess it's the way you gave a garden hose such charisma, in both photos and words.

Suzanne Down-Under. said...

G'day to M M, Here is an other simple way to have soap handy at any tap in your garden.
Using one leg of an old pair of panty-hoses, drop a bar - or half bar of soap down to the bottom of the leg, cut the leg off at the knee, then take it to the tap.
Now - making sure the soap doesn't touch the ground, tie it onto the tap securely, and let it hang.
Use the other pty-hos leg to tie a nail-brush to the tap to scrub arms, hands and nails clean.
Brush and soap on tap when-ever you need it, Ha Ha !!! Happy gardening.
Suzanne from Aussie-Land.