Holiday Downloads

In the December issue of Martha Stewart Living there is a whimsical article on making old-fashioned holiday candy (peppermint sticks, candied citrus peels, toffee, chocolate bark, almond nougat and pecan clusters) with the long, complicated recipes printed at the back of the magazine so that they don't interfere with the food-porn photos. To accompany the recipes, the genius designers at the magazine and the masterful webmasters who run marthastewart.com have created the pretty packaging for anyone to download and use to wrap these classic confections. Simply visit http://www.marthastewart.com/december-crafts to download the clip-art wrapping and labels and to read full instructions on how to make the containers or affix the paper labels to store-bought boxes.
Step-by-step instructions can be found at marthastewart.com for the handling and use of the download clip-art and labels. The wrapping patterns for the fudge and chocolate-dipped marshmallow cookies, above, are inspired vintage designs that come in red and green.

Materials lists and printing techniques are also found along with the download links.


Content in a Cottage said...

Andrew...We LOVE downloads. Please keep them coming. Thanks for keeping us informed...Rosemary

MarthaAndMe said...

These are gorgeous. I don't have my issue yet - can't wait to get it. I've had success with candy making in the past, so I will definitely give it a try.