Bedside Merriment

The arrival of the December issue of Martha Stewart Living is always an event for me. It represents the culmination of the year for my favourite magazine and I tend to judge this yearly issue the most harshly because of this. It's the peak of Martha Stewart Living's annual offerings and it ought to be the best showcase of the imagination and creativity of the people who make the magazine happen. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn't. There have been December issues in the past that have blown me away and there have been issues that have left me feeling more than a little underwhelmed.

I'm happy to report that the 2008 holiday issue is a dream come true!

It is filled (and I mean filled) with new ideas - ideas that feel fresh but that still manage to pay tribute to the classicism and elegance of holiday issues past. Crafters, I think, will be especially pleased with this issue. There is a lot on offer here, including wreath making, soap making and crafts for setting the holiday table and for making decorations and ornaments.

Cooks will be pleased with more cookie recipes (although I'm personally over the whole cookie phenomenon) and delicious old-fashioned candies. The cooking segments in this issue, though, are not as plentiful as past issues have been, with more of a focus on crafting and decorating, which I love. Cooks have the special Holiday issue (Seasons Eatings) to turn to for their favourite recipes, not to mention a new cookbook to explore.
The new issue looks so happy on my nightstand. It will remain there for weeks, I'm sure, as I pore over it, absorbing all the details.
A lovely article on using vintage green ceramic ware for festive decor.
Learn how to make old-fashioned holiday candies and visit marthastewart.com to download the pretty vintage packaging and labels you see in the photos.
A story on growing and displaying the beautiful amaryllis flower. This harkens back to the old holiday issues of Martha Stewart Living I cherish.
Come on over to Martha's Bedford estate for a Christmas carol party in the new music room at her newly restored Summer House. (You will also be able to download Martha's personalized songbook shown above on the right page at marthastewart.com.)
Using doilies in all kinds of festive ways! Who doesn't love a good doily?


Kenn said...

When the December issue arrives, it feels like the season can 'officially' begin! Thank you, Andrew for the look inside my favorite (er.. favourite) issue of the year! I love the cover!


Oh, it's a delicious, delicious issue, Kenn. I know you're going to love it!

Runspud said...

Oh boy,,,i too wait for this with great anticipation. Hope mine arrives in the mail on Monday. I'm pleased you find it more craft-focused-i need a fun project to work on.

will said...


Joseph Patz said...

I myself cant wait to see it.But I don't subscribe any longer.Not since 2002.I look forward to your yearly review of the magazines 2008 issues.I found this year quite bland.Even Septembers decorating issue which is always a fave was so un-inspiring.The cover was un appealing and its content seriously lacked.Novembers issue was Luke warm.Martha's column was a sales pitch for her new book.And the article on thanksgiving recipes with various editors.Martha's picture seems to have turned the clock back 50 years I wish the content was as good as the job of airbrushing the photograph of her.Its MSL not cosmo??I saw an interview once where she discussed how MSLO would be using strictly digital photos as apposed to real film.But all that aside I would love an issue as interesting as a late 90's living issues where.

Kevin said...

I just received my issue in the mail yesterday!!! :-) Andrew, I agree, this is a stunning, stunning December issue. In my opinion, it's the best December issue we've seen in a few years. Truly the crowning jewel of a year's worth of "Living".

Happy Holidays, everyone! :-)


Anonymous said...

OMG Don't even get me started on how I love love luvvvvv the new issue of Living.
Got so much inspiration to entertain and celebrate the season.

Georgina said...

Too want that magazine for holiday home decor ideas.