Martha Moments Readers Share Their Easter Photos

It's been one week since Good Friday, but I couldn't resist sharing some of the wonderful photos that have come in from Martha Moments readers depicting their recent Easter celebrations. As always, Martha's fans are keen to make their celebrations festive, decorative, delicious and most of all memorable. Many of the recipes used for their celebrations were Martha's recipes; many of the products used to decorate their tables and serve their meals were Martha's products. And many of the ideas were inspired by Martha's projects and personal sensibilities. I hope you enjoy these Martha Moments!
Ramona Barry made the gorgeous cookies that were featured on the cover of the April issue using Martha's "four Ds" method: dip, drip, decorate and dry. They turned out very nice! You can watch Martha make the cookies here.
Alirio Pirela showcased his decorated Easter eggs in a ceramic egg tray. The colours are splendid!
Anna Darina Bredenberg in Germany sent in this photo of some of her Easter cookies, which were inspired by the ones shown on the cover of the April issue.
Hayden Regina went all out with colour this year for his Easter table. I love the very graphic table cloth, the fresh flowers and all that lustrous Jadeite!
Jeremy Lambertson showcased some of his McCoy pottery alongside hand-dyed Easter eggs and some lovely rabbit decorations. Very Martha!
Jeremy also used Martha's carrot cake recipe for his Easter dessert. It is displayed on a Martha by Mail cake stand.
This delicious looking version of Deviled Eggs by Bernie Wong was made all the more beautiful with the delicate application of a flower decoration on each serving.
Easter lilies at Bernie's house - and some very pretty bunny dishes.
This is a mix of goose and chicken eggs that Bernie has blown out. He left them white and I love the simplicity.
Anthony Picozzi set a gorgeous Easter table using some of Martha's faux-chocolate bunnies from her QVC holiday line.
Anthony also served Martha's classic devilled eggs. He gilded the lily by decorating the beautiful platter with quail eggs in a nest of dill.
Here is a closer look at one of Martha's QVC bunnies that Anthony had on display on his fireplace mantel. It really does look like chocolate!
Christopher Lewis-Long also displayed Martha's bunnies in his kitchen. (Jadeite really was a big theme this year for everyone!)
Melina Barbone-Leone made Martha's blueberry ricotta tart from her "New Way to Bake" book. You can get the recipe here. Looks delicious!
Melina also made Martha's flourless chocolate walnut torte, also from "A New Way to Bake." You can get the recipe here.
And here is Melina's very springlike centerpiece. Lovely!
Onana Pena made a blueberry bundt cake and decorated it gorgeously with a giant peony blossom. Looks so elegant!
Cindy Hamel's table looks absolutely beautiful and so welcoming! (Notice the eggs hanging from the chandelier?)
Paul S. Neumann made Martha's spring garden cake this year for Easter. He did a wonderful job! You can get the recipe here.
Sean Frederic Edgecombe made these delicious-looking scallops for his Easter meal. I love the dinnerware!
Sean also made Martha's recipe for vegetarian matzo ball soup. You can get the recipe here.
This antique buffet in the home of James Richmond is festooned with Easter decorations. A Martha Stewart Collection cake stand plays host to two nesting bunnies.

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