The September Issue

The September issue of Martha Stewart Living is always eagerly anticipated by readers. We're looking for all those features that make the magazine what it is: a good home feature, a good food feature, a good garden feature, some craft ideas and lots of 'how-to' advice sprinkled amidst beautiful photography. The 2018 issue delivers it, I'm pleased to say. We get a preview of Martha's next book, Pressure Cooker, due out on the 28th of August, and a beautiful feature about a garden in Vermont that blends formal English elements with free-spirited American whimsy. There's a great guide to making easy weekday meals once those September days start getting busy and, best of all, an ingenious feature on borrowing organizing techniques from classrooms of yore. There is even a look at the weekend home of model Carolyn Murphy, one of the few 'celebrity' inclusions the magazine has featured in its 28 year history; the editors were wise not to broadcast her feature on the cover and instead let it remain an interesting and exciting discovery.
The cover feels fresh, too. Not a plate of food or even a beautiful room but an actual person who is not Martha in the act of culinary creation. It feels fresh and different and I like it. It's a good issue and I hope you'll pick one up!

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Anonymous said...

At this point, the cover has my interest! Something you have not seen on 100's of other covers.