Martha's Wall-Mounted Tree with Flower Pots

Fans are going crazy for this reproduction of Martha's American Folk Art wall-mounted planter, which is now available on QVC. The planter is shaped in the form of a tree with 11 4-inch flower pots that can be mounted into the form through loops that hold them in place. The QVC reproduction measures 71" in height and can be mounted to any wall - indoors or outdoors - with screw attachments. It is weather-proof and rust-resistant, meaning it can be hung on an outdoor wall all year round. It sold out the first day it was showcased on the channel and is already on backorder. (This is proof, I think, that affordable items that have a connection to Martha's own personal tastes and preferences are destined to become bestsellers - not to mention collectible!)
The design is based on an original that Martha has at her farm in Bedford. The original was showcased on the cover of the March issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine in a photograph from her new book, "Martha's Flowers". The original form is American Folk Art, likely made around 1900 of cast iron. The new version is much lighter, although still made of sturdy metal.
The flower pots are four inches in diameter with drainage holes. To arrange cut flowers in them, as shown on the magazine cover, above, Martha suggests insetting plastic cups and filling them with water.
To give you an idea of scale, here is Martha and the host standing next to one of the planters mounted to a wall with various potted plants. The design is so unique - a Martha and QVC exclusive!
Click here to watch the presentation and add your name to the waiting list for this item!


John said...

Does it look weird to anyone else the way the bottom branch on the left hand side bends down like that?

I have ordered some of the faux bois and 'faux wicker' planters....unfortunately it appears they were offered for sale well in advance of being ready for delivery so I am not expected to get them until the very end of March at the earliest. Am anxious to see them in person and thinking about what I will plant in them. Will report back on the quality when I receive them.

The 'Flowers' book is very nice as is expected for a Martha book. Will have to say I was slightly disappointed that more of the pictures in the book were not of arrangements 'in situ'. Many of the pictures were staged photographs of beautiful arrangements (I actually found myself gasping in awe at 2 or 3 of them) probably put together especially for the book. I really was more interested in seeing arrangements as they would have appeared in Martha's homes. One of my favorite-ever posts on the Martha blog was of several arrangements Kevin put together at Skylands. I loved seeing the arrangements on display in all the different rooms, and was hoping the book would be more like that.
Sorry--dont mean to sound like I'm complaining, but Martha has set some very lofty standards! Her original Gardening book is one that I can look through over and over again, and I live in the Coastal South and can't even grow a lot of what she does up in the Northeast.

Anonymous said...

Would LOVE to have vases from Martha on QVC! Loved her vases from 1-800-Flowers!

Unknown said...

I love the tree plant holder...good price on qvc but they said no shipping to Canada....how sad...I love it...its soooo beautiful