Anthropologie's Holiday Windows

Working for a company like Anthropologie means being surrounded by creativity, inspiration and beauty. When I go to work every day it is like going to a fantasy land of beautiful ideas made real. This is especially true during the holiday season when the window displays and the in-store visual concepts come together to create something truly magical. For the windows this year, Anthropologie was inspired by Scandinavian towns and European night markets. To add a festive twist, the buildings were made to look like gingerbread confections, complete with piped-icing trim, gumdrop details and wafer rooftops. Below are photos of the windows at the flagship Anthropologie store at the Rockefeller Center in New York City. I hope they make you smile! Click here to watch a behind-the-scenes video of how the windows were made. Each store has a display coordinator (or team of display coordinators) who realize the vision created by head office. It's a lot of work and requires an enormous amount of talent and craft, but the results are always well worth it.
Almost everything you see in the photos above is made from cardboard and paper.
Look closely in this photo and you'll see that the backdrop is made of a mosaic of measuring cups, measuring spoons, whisks, scoops and cake tins.
A closer look at the bunt-pan flower with its peppermint-candy center.
Layer upon layer of cardboard cakes!
This is the talented team of display coordinators who made it all come to life. All photos by @epiphanyjones1 via Instagram.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful window displays.
They bring to mind the creativity of the Martha Stewart windows in the Sony NYC building, shown on MSL TV show many years ago.
If there is any interest in seeing the segment please log on to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VxDlnjxKYc

Chris said...

A whole bunch of years ago - many,many,many - I worked in the display department for JC Penney here in the Chicago area. I so loved that job. However, there were never any window displays like these...they're breathtaking. I can't even imagine how they could implement these ideas and make them look so real. What a great job by everyone involved. I loved looking at this blog. Keep up the great work!


Chris, I'm so glad you are enjoying the blog! Yes, these windows took an enormous amount of time to create. At our store in Toronto, the process took several weeks. They are true works of art, created in-house by very talented people.