The December/January Issue

The December/January issue of Martha Stewart Living will be on newsstands November 17th, but some subscribers have already begun to receive their issues in the mail. Martha Moments reader Kevin Link sent in this scan of the cover, which I think is really gorgeous. Kevin says he feels this issue is "one of the best December issues in recent memory" and was very inspired by the content on its pages. It is filled with craft ideas, DIY decor and all kinds of incredible recipes for holiday baking. This is the last issue that MSLO will produce in-house. Beginning with the next issue (February, 2015) the magazine will be produced and circulated by Meredith Corp., a company that Martha has partnered with to handle the magazine's ad sales, production and circulation. I can't wait to get my copy of this festive-looking issue!


Heidi said...

Andy, do you know of any changes in Martha Stewart Onmedia export policy: we haven´t received any magazines here in Brazil since July, which means that my complete collection since December 2000 is now missing 5 issues. I am very very disappointed ... Also, do you know if and how can I get hold of these editions :(


Hi Heidi - The same situation has occurred to readers in England. They also have not received copies of the magazine since July. I am assuming that they have changed their distribution. I would suggest writing to Ruth Feldman, who is the international editorial director. You could ask her about whether they have stopped distribution to Brazil. (The address for editorial questions is at the front of every magazine in small print on the pages that describe who the editorial teams are.) You could also try eBay for past issues.

Rowaida said...

Hi Andrew,
I downloaded the December issue it is beautiful and very inspiring, lots of recipes, holiday decor and crafts. I love what she wrote, remembering her sister Laura, she will always be missed dearly.
I look forward to Dec issue, my favourite month of the year, my birthday and Darcy Miller's both fall on the same day Dec 17th, she is a great inspiration.
Best wishes xx

Anonymous said...

Remembrance day has come and gone. It is a type of ending as I discontinue my LIVING subscription but even an old hoarder has to quit some time. I am not quite as old as Martha and I certainly could never be accused of having her endless drive but she also must be a hoarder and knows the limits. Now if I can just find that issue where she tells us about her divorce.

Anonymous said...

I will start with stating, I am a great fan of Ms Stewart, so my comment are not meant with any underlining hostility nor envy .....But the Dec-Jan Holiday magazine issue is not very "joyous " this year.
Yes there is crafts and cooking , but the visuals are not very detailed or attractive, and only hit at the beauty of the season.
Other years there is a warmth to the issue, beautiful interiors and a look at Family gatherings, unfortunately not this year.
Please MSL........try harder, I do look fed to the magazine and want to suppot


APM, I understand what you're saying. It took me a while to warm up to the Dec/Jan issue as well. I think there are some great recipes in there, as well as some very good craft ideas, but there no photos of people actually enjoying themselves, nor any photos of actual homes (Martha's?) with actual families sharing their traditions. I think that's what is missing.

Anonymous said...

You are 100% correct!