New Martha Stewart Wall Art Decals

Today, Martha Stewart Living and Fathead LLC., a Michigan-based company, announced the launch of a new line of wall-art decals. The decorative wall graphics are inspired by nature, collectibles and classic architectural details with over 50 individual designs in 400 variations: a beautiful array of colours, sizes and styles is available.

Martha says, "Decorative wall decals have become such a fun, interesting option for decorating your home, and I love how creative you can be with them. Our wall decals are beautiful and easy to use, and they're a wonderful way for us to help our consumer with solutions and inspiration that are quick and affordable."

The designs can be seen and ordered at Fathead.com and come in a variety of price points. Click here to see the full line. Below are some of my favourites from the new collection.


Rowaida said...

Beautiful wall art decals, I love the roses and monograms

Alia parker said...

These stickers are really awesome guys. These stair stickers are really amazing. I was about to use these Wall Stickers. This will make my home very attractive.