Martha at the Newsstand: Renegade Collective

Yesterday, I discovered a really great new magazine called Renegade Collective. It's an Australian publication that focuses on creative women (and men) who push the boundaries and realize their creative dreams. For its one-year anniversary issue the editor, Lisa Messenger, decided to put Martha Stewart on the cover since she represents everything the magazine stands for: determination, creativity, inspiration and making your mark in the world. There is a lovely article and interview with Martha inside with several nice photographs. If you can find it, I highly recommend this magazine. I enjoyed many of the features and was very inspired by its mandate.


Regine said...

Hi Andrew,
Where did you find this mag? Looks interesting!


Hi Regine,

It was at Maison de la Presse in Toronto, which carries a large selection of magazines from around the world. This is an Australian magazine. Find a place in your area that carries international magazines and you'll likely find it. It's worth the read.

sho_es said...

The Martha issue of Renegade Collective is available on Zinio. It is a digital magazine shop and has mags from all over the world. Though I do love to have the real thing, when that's not possible the digital world is a happy second.