Book of the Month: Gypsy ~ A World of Colour & Interiors

After spending nearly ten years working as an interior designer and stylist in New York City for clients such as Donna Karan, Vogue Living, Bloomingdales and Bergdorf Goodman, Sibella Court is heading home to Sydney, Australia, where she is opening her first shop, called The Society Inc. The young designer took the world of American interiors by storm by introducing a new and refreshing approach to living: filling a space with the objects you love. Now there's a novel idea! To call Sibella's style ''shabby chic'' or ''boho'' would be to minimize its depth. The rooms she creates are moody and atmospheric with layer upon layer of personal, treasured finds: a minimalist's nightmare and a collector's dream.
The designer-turned-bestselling-author has just released her latest tome, and it is my selection as the Book of the Month - a new feature on Martha Moments I hope to continue. It is called Gypsy: A World of Colour and Interiors and I think it is her best book to date. What makes it special is its global review of style, interpreted by one individual and then translated into beautiful rooms that we can all take lessons from. The book is filled with gorgeous photography and Sibella's own scrapbook of her travels to Scotland, Transylvania, Ecuador and Indonesia. She gives us insight into the people she meets, the food she tastes and all the beautiful objects she collects along the way. The rooms are utterly romantic and unique. Below are some images from the book and I highly suggest you at least browse its pages. Hopefully you will discover a new concept of home, as I did.

Sibella Court has authored several books and each one is a treasure. Bowerbird is a collector's bible. I am not talking about collecting Wedgwood or majolica, mind you. This book will appeal to the individual who collects rocks, feathers, pressed flowers and scraps of textile. The Stylist's Guide to NYC is an essential book for anyone who adores New York and wants to discover some of its hidden retail gems. Sibella breaks the code of silence and shares all the stores that New York's top stylists love to visit. Nomad is for the traveler who fills the empty spaces in her suitcases with found seashells and flea-market finds from far-off places. Etcetera was Sibella's first book and is a fine introduction to her eclectic style with beautiful photographs and notes on surrendering to the idea of living with the things you love.

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Rowaida said...

Hi Andrew, thank you for introducing us to Sibella Court I am sure I will love her books, I love eclectic style. I will check her books.
We moved yesterday to the new house, two months and a half at Mövenpick hotel & resort passed so fast I will miss it. Trying to settle done before the kids come from London for their eastern holiday.
Best wishes xx