An Anthropologist's Discoveries

Working in an environment that is consistently receiving new and beautiful products for the home is not an easy burden to bear: temptation is everywhere! The new spring House & Home arrivals at Anthropologie have me salivating, not to mention looking for space I don't have to acquire some of the pieces featured below, which are currently available online. (Many will soon be available in stores.) As a careful reader of Martha Stewart Living, I frequently see our home products featured in its pages - either as pieces selected by editors or as props in their photo spreads. I hope you'll pop in to an Anthropologie store near you in the coming weeks to see all the delights on offer!

1. Sepon Dinnerware Collection. 2. Sepon cup and saucer. 3. Serpentinite Serveware. 4. Garden Buzz Cup and Saucer. 5. Marbled Swing-Stool Table. 6. Fallen Pleats Ceramic Cake Stands. 7. Fresco Garden Pots in Black. 8. Fresco Garden Pot in Black. 9. Mogador Bay Garden Pots. 10. Fresco Garden Pot in Brown. 11.Tidepool Sculpture. 12. Tidepool Sculptures. 13. Jardin Des Plantes Tea Set. 14. Garden Buzz-Buzz Platter and Pitcher. 15. Majorelle Tea Cup and Saucer (comes in green, blue, lavender and yellow). 16. Etched Bowls (all colours shown.)


Catherine from Connecticut said...

Thanks for the preview. I also like Anthropologie's selection of clothes and costume jewelry.


Catherine, yes, it's primarily a women's clothing store and the dresses and tops this season are incredible too.

Anonymous said...

Mogadar Bay is inspiring and seems new

Rowaida said...

Hi Andrew, today was shopping at Anthropologie with my princess it is one of her favorite stores in London on Regent street in London. I law their new spring collection, I saw #10 items, bought couple of the items. I Love their home products.