Anthony's Christmas Décor

When I first saw Anthony Picozzi's home all decorated for the holidays I immediately wanted to share photos on the blog! Anthony is a Martha Moments reader who lives in Rhode Island and I asked him to take photographs of his home last weekend, right before guests arrived for his annual Christmas party. Anthony did a super job capturing the atmosphere of his gorgeous home: all that warm, golden light! He uses scale to great effect and keeps his palette muted but lustrous.
The tree is 14-feet tall with over 2,500 ornaments on it! (Some of those ornaments, incidentally, are from Martha's line of Christmas decorations for the Home Depot!) Anthony also fashioned crystals from a chandelier that he deconstructed to use as ornaments on the tree. Another nice detail is the use of natural pheasant feathers on the garland on his dining room buffet, along with glittered fern leaves and shiny baubles tucked in among the branches. Everywhere you look there are shiny, shimmery details that evoke such a sense of sophistication and elegance. Anthony's true gift, it seems to me, is his way with lighting. It is perfectly nuanced, with back-lit objects and carefully highlighted paintings. Even the basket of cut birch logs is illuminated from within. The whole loft glows with warmth. I hope you enjoy these photos! And thanks to Anthony for supplying them!



Kenn said...

I have long loved Anthony's home. His keen eye for lighting is nothing short of fabulous. I'm happy he shared all these photos with you to share with us!

Kelly Carroccia said...

This is extraordinary! Thanks for sharing the pictures of this warm, loving, sophisticated home. Bravo to Anthony for his exquisite taste, decorating and photography skills!

Amy at love made my home said...

Wow, so beautiful. Thank you for sharing these pictures. Happy Christmas Andrew. xx

Rowaida said...

Wow!! Love all the details. The tree looks amazing. Gorgeous home, love the chandeliers and the lighting is beautiful. Thank you for sharing Andrew.
Happy Holidays

QPT said...

gorgeous! All of it! Great job. Love it! So very festive :)
Merry Christmas!!!
JingleBells Jinglebells

yorkiegirl2011 said...

I need him to come do my place. Just love it