The November Issue

Martha always has perfect timing. Just in time for Canadian Thanksgiving, the November issue of her magazine arrives, filled with festive ideas for the yummiest of holidays. In this issue, Eric Pike takes over as editor-in-chief with very little fanfare. He does say, however, that he is very happy to be in the role and it seems as though he will be there for the foreseeable future, which I'm very pleased about, given his expertise and experience, his knowledge of the magazine, its staff, its founder and its readers. The issue contains a wealth of Thanksgiving ideas - from very simple craft and food ideas to more complex treats, cocktails, side dishes and craft projects. There is a wonderful feature about the autumn garden, which is my favourite piece in the issue. This is a time of year when the garden can yield some beautiful rewards and yet it is frequently overlooked as the temperatures begin to fall. For those who voted for the best entrepreneurs and vendors in Martha's American Made Awards, this issue features in-depth profiles of the finalists, which are fascinating to read. Below is the cover. (By the way, Happy Thanksgiving Canada!)

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