The October Issue

The iPad edition of the October issue is ready for download and the print version is making its way to subscribers as I type this! I must say, I love the cover! We get a double hit of Halloween this year with Martha's all-new special Halloween issue (now on stands) and this glorious October issue with 31 more fun ideas for Halloween. Watch for this issue on newsstands soon.


Anonymous said...

October is my favorite! I love the simplicity of the covers lately. Very clean. Thought the new Martha Stewart logo would be used for this issue but not yet. I do notice that her name color now matches the Living color.


Very good observation! I hadn't noticed that. I think we'll see some changes to the masthead in the New Year: Martha's name in larger font, etc.

Anonymous said...

Martha seems interested in Maine and parts north and essay bu J Courtney Sullivan interested me. Think that you do give great re-enforcements of comments here. LIVING is changing as is our beloved Martha.