New: Martha Stewart Crafts - Decoupage

I'm sure many of us remember Rosie O'Donnell's frequent visits to Martha's television studios and her insistence on decoupaging everything in sight! It was her favourite project and she even challenged Martha to a decoupage contest. (Martha won - hands down.) Rosie, along with thousands of others - myself included - love the beauty decoupage projects can bring to a room, whether the embellishment is large-scale or small. I prefer small details: a little bit of embellishment on a flower pot or vase, for example.
The art of decoupage now has the help of Martha Stewart Crafts and their new line of decoupage supplies, which will be in Michael's stores soon. This broad line includes 57 products tailored to decoupage artists, both advanced and beginners. Included in the line are premium multi-surface finishes and adhesive formulas, beautifully detailed paper cut-outs, fabric die-cuts, rolled papers, a variety of trims and doilies, and various tools. These new decoupage products were designed to also complement the multi-surface craft paint line. Crafters can use the all-surface paint and stencils to basecoat and embellish decoupage projects, taking decoupage to a brilliant new level. 

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Rowaida said...

Hi Andrew, yes I remember Rossie's visit to the show and enjoyed it. Amazing craft product, so looking forward to use it.
Have a wonderful weekend Andrew