Searching For August

It is around this time in July that I start eyeing my mailbox for the arrival of the August issue of Martha Stewart Living. For the first time in 11 years, I won't receive one. While I truly do enjoy the summer issue that arrived in late June, the August issue was historically my favourite one of the summer volumes, and I enjoyed having an issue devoted exclusively to that most beautiful month. Maybe I am nostalgic for the lost August issue because August is my favourite month of the summer season. Or, maybe it is because I have always associated August with vacations and travel and time spent with my family at the cottage that I found a great deal of myself in its pages. August issues always had a truly relaxing feel to them, espousing a kind of leisurely ease. They were about the seaside, about whimsical collections, delicious desserts and celebrating the bounty of high summer. In celebration of the August issues that have been, and the August issues that will never be, CLICK HERE to read about my favourites. CLICK HERE to read a brief history of Martha's August issues.


Anonymous said...

I'm missing the August issue, too!

The Glittered Squirrel said...

When I received the July issue I noticed on the side binding it said "July/August" issue. They must have collapsed the two for some reason. Well at least we have a new Halloween issue to look forward to!!!


Yes, they nixed the August issue and the January issue as stand-alones. They are also folding the January and February issues into one issue in 2014.