An Arrangement of Fireworks

Trust Martha and company to come up with flower arrangements that evoke the starburst explosions of holiday fireworks! I still remember seeing this arrangement below in the July, 2006, issue of Martha Stewart Living and being so dazzled by its beauty and imaginative whimsy. For her Fourth of July party that year, Martha invited some of her friends and neighbours to Bedford for a barbecue and multiple arrangements like these dotted the center of the outdoor dining table. Agapanthus, Allium and Globe Thistle are arranged together to create the effect of a vibrant blue burst of fireworks. Their stems were cut short to keep the arrangements low and they were placed in simple clear-glass tumblers. The spherical shapes of the flowers with their outstretched blossoms mimic an explosive effect. It's a Martha Moment I return to often. Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Celebrate happily and safely!

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