Congratulations to my Friends, Brent and Josh!

I love seeing history in the making! My friends Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell were married today at their farm in Sharon Springs, New York. I have blogged about this intrepid pair often, and their 'fabulous' business Beekman 1802. I visited Brent and Josh last month and was invited to their wedding today but could not make it, sadly. Brent and Josh have worked so hard to make their dreams come true and this is one dream made real that will carry them through their entire life together: commitment and security as a couple recognized in law. I am so very happy for them!
Even though I was not there, several people I know did attend the wedding and they are sharing some their photos with you here on the blog. Jeff White and Kenn LaFramboise took the photos below. I am told it was a very special day - despite the rain. You may notice a certain statuesque blond who happened to be at the wedding... Her name is Martha Stewart!
The happy couple!
Brent with his mother, left, and his grandmother, right.
Proprietors of The American Hotel in Sharon Springs, Garth Roberts and Doug Plummer were at the wedding and brought a lot of color! Doug was recently named the mayor of Sharon Springs!
Martha was at the wedding!
Guess who brought the colorful hard-boiled eggs from her chicken coop in Bedford...
My friend Kenn got a Martha Moment with the lady herself! Martha was very charmed by the buscuits Kenn brought to the wedding and asked him to send her the recipe! Maybe we'll see it in the pages of Martha Stewart Living in a future issue...


Rowaida said...

Hi Andrew
Congrats to Bent and Josh, aww I wish you went and saw Martha!
Hope you are enjoying your summer.
Want to share my baked cake http://instagram.com/p/bBmJuOKp3A/

maya said...

that wedding looked gorgeous, judging by martha's pictures. while reading her post i was saying to myself: "oh i better wait to see what andrew has to say about this!" but i was sorry to hear that you couldn't make it! i gotta say those boiled eggs seem like a kind of a funny gesture from martha, no? oh well, maybe it's just me :)


Maya, I was pretty bummed that I couldn't go. But I did send them both my best wishes. I like that Martha brought eggs from the farm. That's such a quintessentially Martha item: pretty eggs from her chickens!