A Closer Look at Martha Stewart Living Thailand

As an avid collector of all things Martha, my collection was destined to include several international volumes of Martha Stewart Living magazine. A friend of mine was generous enough to send me three volumes of the Japanese edition of MSL, which published 13 issues between 2001 and 2003. These are treasures! But it is the Thailand issues of MSL that I want to focus on here. It is not just that the editors have taken the Martha Stewart brand and interpreted it with unique editorial content specific to their nation, but they have also connected with a growing community of readers by hosting Martha Stewart events for the public, such as crafting and decorating seminars, flower-arranging classes and much more. They also sometimes supply giveaways with their issues; a recent issue on colour came with its own stenciled pillow case. I must give kudos to the editors of Martha Stewart Living Thailand for their devotion to their readers, for supplying them with community-based events, giveaways and for printing such a beautiful magazine on such beautiful paper. Even though they are written in Thai, which I do not know how to read, and even though there is a lot of repurposed content from the American version of the magazine, the Thailand issues of MSL truly are favourites of mine. Below are some photos of my collection. To read more about international editions of Martha Stewart Living, click here.

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