More About "Living The Good Long Life"

A press release for Martha's upcoming book has been issued, including testimonials from friends and fellow lifestyle authors about its merits. Living The Good Long Life comes out April 23 and is said to be Martha's best advice book yet, with tips and instructions on living a healthy, full life that will help you age gracefully and happily. I've included the description and testimonials below:
Martha Stewart’s engaging handbook for living your healthiest life after 40—with expertise from doctors and specialists on eating, exercise, wellness, home, and organizing, as well as caring for others.

Martha Stewart’s Living the Good Long Life is a practical guide unlike any other: honest and upbeat, with clear and motivating charts, resources, and tips from doctors and wellness specialists. From the best ways to organize your home to protecting your mental well-being and appearance as you age, this book gives accessible ideas that you can incorporate every day. And when it’s time to explore caregiving for others, you’ll know how to enrich their quality of life while preventing your own fatigue.

Martha’s 10 Golden Rules for Successful Aging provide a framework for chapters that cover your changing needs with every decade, including:

Healthy Eating: Stock a healthy pantry for your dietary needs.
Healthy Fitness: Stand strong on your feet by increasing your balance, endurance, and flexibility.
A Healthy Brain: Stimulate new brain activity through learning to prevent memory loss.
A Healthy Outlook: Maintain a sense of daily purpose by strengthening social connections.
Healthy Living Every Day: Medicate wisely while paying attention to aches and pains.
Healthy Looks: Take care of your skin and match your makeup to your age for self-confidence and self-esteem.
Healthy Home: Create a home that is a reflection of how you want to live.
Healthy Living into the Future: Be your own wellness CEO to prevent future illness.
Healthy Caring: Prepare for helping others while caring for yourself, and much more!

Healthy living begins with establishing small habits, and with Living the Good Long Life you’ll have a dependable source for thriving in your 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond. Living the Good Long Life will be released in paperback ($27.50) on April 23 by Clarkson Potter. A Kindle edition is also available.

"In my Foundation’s health initiatives—and in my own life—I’ve seen again and again how even small measures to improve your health can make a big difference. Living the Good Long Life is full of simple ideas that can be incorporated into daily routines to help you feel better and keep on doing what you love."
President Bill Clinton

"For thirty years, Martha Stewart has carefully coached us on how to take care of our homes, our menus, our crafts. And now in Living the Good Long Life, she has brought her brilliant skills to the mission of helping us take care of ourselves. With sparkling prose, no-nonsense instruction, and, as always, oceans of wisdom, Martha implores readers not to recoil from their advancing years, but to embrace and celebrate them—with invaluable tips on keeping our diets healthy, our bodies pumping, and our outlook forever sunny. I just loved this book."
Marlo Thomas

"In this lovely book, Martha Stewart shares her experience and wisdom about how best to care for yourself and others as you go through life. The pages are filled with practical tips and useful advice for aging gracefully. I recommend it."
Andrew Weil, M.D.

"Only Martha could have written the definitive book on looking after ourselves as we grow older. I have found the value of a daily practice that incorporates yoga and writing, two disciplines that help me balance my spiritual and physical life. I hope that through this book, you will find what works for you."
—Alexander Vreeland, Luxury Goods Executive, President of the Board of the Iyengar Yoga Association of the Greater NY

"Living the Good Long Life is the latest in Martha Stewart's arsenal of masterful advice. She inspires you to nurture your body, emotions, and total life experience, focusing on the opportunities that comes into life with an its-never-too-late-to-take-action approach. Martha offers lessons in strength, grace, and a complete glimpse of how to get up and keep going with the best of taste!"
—Tracy Anderson, author of Tracy Anderson’s 30-Day Method


Sunflowerrae said...

Wow - this book sounds great! I'm not really a fan of Martha's books but this one is super timely for me (just turned 40 last summer) and I'm really into all of these topics. Yay Martha!

True Believer said...

What a beautiful picture of Martha on the cover. Look forward to reading this book.

Mary said...

Although I am not the intended audience for this book since I am under 40, I still can't wait to get this and read it cover to cover! No harm in educating myself early, and I sure what is good for me at 40+ is probably also good for me at 30. :)


I agree, Mary. I'm in my mid-30s but I'm very excited about this book. I first learned about it years ago when Martha mentioned on her TV show that she was working on it. My parents are fast approaching old age. I'm going to read it more for the caregiving tips and how to look after myself in the meantime.

Rowaidaa said...

I am very excited about Martha's new book, I ordered it from Amazon UK

PS I mentioned both your blogs on Kevin Sharkey's blog today