Easter at Terrain

One of my favourite shops on earth is one I haven't actually been to yet. It's called Terrain and it is Anthropologie's garden-concept shop, selling plants, seeds, trees and a variety of nursery and home goods. They even have a cafĂ©! There are only two locations so far: Glenn Mills, Pennsylvania, and Westport, Connecticut, Martha's old stomping grounds. I'm hoping (very seriously) that a location opens in Canada so that I can work there. I have already been secretly scouting for locations in Toronto and have come up with a few very good potential spots. Truly, every image I've seen of this store leaves me gobsmacked: originality and beauty growing out of every nook and cranny! Imagine, then, how a beautiful store like this might interpret Easter. Click here to see Terrain's fantastic assortment of Easter baskets, cement birds nests, decorative eggs, pots and planters. Get inspired for spring!
This is a shot of their store in Glenn Mills, Pennsylvania, about 30 minutes outside Philadelphia.


Catherine from Connecticut said...

I have been to the Terrain in Westport, CT. They have beautiful things and is a place for inspiration and ideas. However, at least in the "garden center" area, it is very overpriced.

Rowaidaa said...

Hi Andrew what a beautiful shop, I visited their website and I love love it. Wish you a great weekend

Anonymous said...

I've been to the PA store...it is too die for! And it is different each time you go.