Heeeere's Martha! (And Alexis!)

Martha is set to debut her new live radio call-in show tomorrow (Tuesday, February 19th) at 12:00 pm EST on SiriusXM, channel 107. The show will air daily for a two-hour timeslot and listeners are invited to call in with questions and comments. Joining Martha tomorrow for the first show will be her daughter, Alexis, as they discuss healthy foods for children, parenting dos and don'ts and much more! Be sure to tune in! If you can't listen at 12:00 pm, the show will rebroadcast at 7:00 pm on the same channel.

This will be the first time that Martha Stewart has hosted a daily radio show, and will be the first format that exposes every aspect of her vast interests and experiences, from her enduring passion for living well to her leadership in new media; her international explorations and discoveries; the fascinating people she meets from all walks of life; her growing appeal to millennials and her philanthropic endeavors.

The new Martha Live show will feature segments including “Ask Martha,” with live call-ins; “Mostly Martha,” with high-profile guest interviews and discussions; segments hosted by Martha’s favorite experts; as well as curated segments from Martha’s vast archives of radio and television.

Martha Live will also be available on SiriusXM On Demand listening via the SiriusXM Internet Radio App for smartphones and other mobile devices, and online at SiriusXM.com.

Listeners can call in to "Martha Live" at 866-675-6675.


Anonymous said...

Waste of time - very slow start to the new msl 2013. I was bored listening to the self indulgent talk between Martha and Alexis. I found this blog looking for others who now have no Martha radio 110. I am glad to have saved many issues of edf and living - sounds like the brand has pretty much jumped the shark.

Madeline Zapola said...

Why was the Martha Stewart Channel canceled

Trellis Smith said...

I know this is a time of transition for Martha and her company. I think the main draw for her channel was the Ask Martha and Home Design with Kevin Sharkey programs so it good it will live on and I can listen daily.

I just want to really great news from MSLO. It's almost spring and I want new ideas to start blooming over at their grand offices in NYC.

Rowaidaa said...

Wow! that is really wonderful, I love them both. I wish I have Sirius to listen, but I will check the app. I Love Alexis's blog, since December 6th she hasn't posted, I really wish she will soon.
Best wishes


Madeline, the channel was shut down because of cost.

Rowaidaa said...

Hi Andrew, couldn't find Sirius radio on app can you send me the app name, thank you. Did Alexis mention blogging again.