Martha's New Show Starts This Weekend!

Oh, how we've waited for this - especially those of us who never had access to the Hallmark channel. It's a new Martha Stewart show featuring Martha doing what she does best: teaching. The show will debut this Sunday at 4 pm on most PBS stations across the U.S. and Canada. Some markets will debut the series the weekend of the 13th, so be sure to check your local PBS listings.
Martha was interviewed recently by the Daily News and shared some thoughts about the new series:

"It's a real teaching course, so you learn a lot. You'll know exactly what poaching is, what steaming is, what sautéing is, things that, if you know how to do, are so easy. You spend a lot of money going to college, so how about spending a little bit of time to make some really good food?"

Aside from her mother, Martha credits one of her greatest idols, Julia Child, for teaching her just about everything she knows about cooking. Over the course of a year, Martha made every single recipe in Child's book "Mastering The Art of French Cooking" - the bestselling cookbook of all time.

"I learned so much that I got volume two and did all the French breads and croissants. My daughter grew up eating all of my experiments and she still thinks my croissants were the best she's ever had."

In the interview, Martha said Cooking School will eventually branch into a baking series: 

"We get so many questions, but the top one is about how to make a cheesecake without a crack. That sounds funny, but almost everybody's cheesecake cracks down the middle, but mine doesn't - and yours won't if you use my recipe!"

Click here to see the full episode schedule. Segments from each episode will be shown online as well at marthastewart.com and on PBS.

See a preview of the first episode!

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Rowaida said...

Hi Andrew, I can imagine how wonderful this tv show is going to be, Martha is an amazing and inspiring teacher. You are so lucky to be able to watch it on tv, but I am glad they will be available also online, can't wait.
Wish you a wonderful weekend.

PS I read Martha's tweet on twitter and knew that she is in London. @MarthaStewart: Its 7am in london in a recording studio visiting with 6 bbc radio stations talking about our staples home office launch(avery product)
I wish I had the chance to meet her

Anonymous said...

I watched the first episode of Martha Stewart's Cooking School about eggs and I must say I LOVED it! Watched it with mom, dad, and grandma. She is so organized, so perfect, so neat. Love her techniques and perfectionism. Watching this show reminded me of her former show Martha Bakes, which I hope PBS will use in the future. I look forward to the next episode, next weekend, and every weekend. One thing that I am not enjoying however is that we won't get to see any new television Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas specials from her. I know Hulu has specials from the past, but for me it was always fun to see what she did for her Halloween shows, or holiday shows. Anyway, long live Martha!