A Martha Moment: Painted Pumpkins

I recently returned from a wonderful trip to the east coast of Canada and took many, many photos - some of which I will be sharing here on the blog in the coming days. I love snapping photos of 'martha moments' when I'm out and about with my camera. In this instance, it is a simple but artful grouping of pumpkins, chrysanthemums, corn stalks and gourds with a colourful twist. A couple years ago, in an October issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine, there was a great suggestion for Halloween d├ęcor: painting your pumpkins black before carving them. This principle was applied (and taken a few steps further) on the lawn of the legislature in Quebec City. I think it's such a fun way to do something a little unexpected for Halloween. Simply paint the pumpkins in bright colours and intersperse them among more traditional autumn fare. You can get even more creative by adding a second coat of polka-dots or stripes.


Pru said...

Aren't these great fun! I can't wait to see more photos of your trip. I saw that Gael Towey is leaving, any idea of her plans?

Anonymous said...

lI have heard do not remove the stem or cut it out to insert a candle cut out from the bottom because leaving the stem intact adds to the longevity of the gourd. I collect ceramic pumpkins I cannot stand to smell rotting pumpkin , waste it as a food or discover bugs and mold in the gourd as I attempt to light a candle discovering a cockroach once was enough for me to ban the garden variety gourd -- bah Humbug also do not flush down the toliet anything but the three P's okay tp your waste water treatment professionals will thank you very very much

Anonymous said...

say what!!