New Martha Stewart Glass Paint Line

The innovators and pioneers at Martha Stewart's Crafts Department have come up with a new line of paints and silkscreen adhesives designed specificially for glass and ceramics. All are permanent and all paints are dishwasher safe. And folks, these ones are really spectacular! I've already had enthusiastic and excited emails from fans letting me know about this line. Jim, a Martha Moments reader, says he is already planning to use these paints for some of his holiday decorations. Below is information about the new paint line from The Crafts Dept. Blog and some photographs of some of the projects you can try. The new line of Martha Stewart Glass Paint has hit the shelves at Michaels.

What makes this line so special is the introduction of new finishes that are a perfect complement to your glass projects. They are offering glitter, opaque, metallic, transparent, and translucent paints. The transparent and translucent frost paints are great because unlike opaque paints they still allow light to pass through the glass. This makes them perfect for votives, glass ornaments, and all other glassware. Here are a couple projects they created while playing around with the paint.
The translucent frost paint creates this lovely, subtle, frosted effect for your glassware. You can use our patterning tape to create stripes or punched contact paper circles for polka dots!
This marbled glass was created with the Transparent Liquid Fill paint (available in stores starting October 1st). Check back in with The Crafts Dept. for a tutorial and how-to instructions.

Another incredible tool that they are introducing with this line are adhesive silkscreens. Both re-positionable and reusable they are designed to help you create incredibly detailed artwork with the paints. Here is a peek at a few of the projects you can achieve:
Martha Stewart lace silkscreen on glass jewelry boxes. It’s so quick and easy!
Martha Stewart butterfly silkscreens create a butterfly effect.
These vessels were painted first on the OUTSIDE of the bottles, then painted with the Martha Stewart doily silkscreens. The effect is dreamy!

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Rowaida said...

Beautiful. I wish we can have her products in Europe and the Middle East