Looking Back to Move Forward: Vol. 8 (August)

In her letter to readers in the March, 2012, issue of the magazine, Martha Stewart Living editor-in-chief Pilar Guzman makes an intriguing comment about looking back to former issues of the magazine in order to move forward. She writes: "...we will feature images on this page that inspire us from the magazine's archives. Sometimes it's important to look back in order to move forward." As a longtime subscriber, I felt like playing along! I'll be raiding the archives each month to showcase my favourite issue. Here is my selection for August.
August is one of my favourite months. It's summer in full-swing, minus the humidity and drought of July. The days are warm and the evenings are cool, foreshadowing the cozy nights of autumn. My favourite August issue of Martha Stewart Living is August, 2005. It's a testament to the outdoors as much as to the indoors, with numerous articles on decorating, crafting, baking and collecting to offset the typical summer fare one might expect.

It is a special issue for me, as well, because it features two subjects that I had suggested to editor-in-chief, Margaret Roach, in one of my letters to her: an article on watermelons and an article on basil. In looking back through previous issues, I had realized that there had not been any real dissemination of either of these growing-season icons and I suggested the editors take a closer look. Much to my delight, they did! The best feature in this issue, however, is the tour of Dan Hinkley's home in Washington state. Hinkley, a renowned horticulturalist and a personal friend of Martha's, is the founder of Heronswood, a beautiful garden and nursery near Kingston, Washington. Hinkley shares his home with his partner and it is a testament to their love of simplicity and natural beauty. Below are some visual highlights from the issue. Click here to read my other "Looking Back" entries and tell me about your favourite past issues!

DO YOU KNOW? Martha Stewart Living didn't always offer an August issue. Click here to read more about August issues past.


Anonymous said...

Love this column you do.


Thank you! I treasure my old volumes of the magazine. It's been fun looking back to discover which issues really appeal to me and analyze why.