Two Father's Day Fabric Crafts

Browsing through Martha's Handmade Holiday Crafts book, I came upon two easy Father's Day crafts that struck my fancy. I thought I'd share them here, for all the crafters among you!
The most iconic Father's Day gifts are classic for a reason. Even if your dad doesn't wear a tie very often, there are all kinds of special occasions that may call for him to wear one, such as weddings or a formal dinner party. Choose a tie in his favourite colour or pattern and then personally deliver it in a handmade envelope made of shirting fabric. This way he can use it to store the tie in his drawer or take it with him if he is traveling. For instructions and templates, click here.
A set of protective pouches should help keep Dad's electronic devices and personal accessories, such as cellphones, iPods, small digital cameras and eyeglasses, safe and sound. This simple project is great for older children who may want to practice their sewing skills. Argyle and striped socks are especially handsome, but any type of pattern or colour will do. Choose socks with a high cotton content (over 80%) for the best results.

What you'll need:
One adult sock per pouch, disappearing ink fabric pen, scissors, sewing machine or needle and thread. Turn the sock inside-out. The cuff will be the open end of the holder. Lay the device or accessory next to the top of the sock and measure to 1/2 inch below the bottom for a seam-allowance. Mark a line with the disappearing-ink fabric pen. Cut out with scissors. Machine-sew a seam. Alternatively, you can sew the seam by hand using a needle and thread. Turn right side out.

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