Looking Back To Move Forward: Vol. 6 (June)

In her letter to readers in the March, 2012, issue of the magazine, Martha Stewart Living editor-in-chief Pilar Guzman makes an intriguing comment about looking back to former issues of the magazine in order to move forward. She writes: "...we will feature images on this page that inspire us from the magazine's archives. Sometimes it's important to look back in order to move forward." As a longtime subscriber, I felt like playing along! I'll be raiding the archives each month to showcase my favourite issue. Here is my selection for June.MY FAVOURITE JUNE ISSUE: 2001
"Learn something new everyday." This is a mantra that Martha Stewart has always espoused and the information contained in Martha Stewart Living magazine has always lived up to this guiding principle. The June, 2001, issue of the magazine is one of the most informative summer volumes the editors have produced to date. From identifying the good bugs in your garden from the bad to installing summer screens to detailing a car, the issue imparts knowledge and wisdom on every single page. It's beautiful to look at, too! Vintage dish towels, ice cream bombes and cooking crabs never looked so good!

One of the biggest selling features of Martha Stewart Living magazine - at least for me - is the information it contains and the knowledge I gain from its pages. The knowledge sticks because of its delivery method: inspiring, creative presentations of ideas and the history behind so many 'everyday' objects and routines told through captivating editorials that hold interest. These are the elements that make me a collector, that entice me to save every single issue and that keep me returning to former issues long after publication. Click here to read the other volumes of this column and see my other favourites so far.
I've never tried (or made) an ice-cream bombe, but the process fascinates me, and the end results look so astounding - not to mention delicious. I first learned about bombes because of the 2001 June issue of Martha Stewart Living. Click here to read about bombes and how to make them.
I count this cover as one of the best Martha Stewart Living has ever produced. It's among my top-five favourites.


Rowaida said...

Hi Andrew, Amazing images from the June 2001 issue! I always love to go back and search previous issues for inspirations and ideas. Have a wonderful weekend
Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

OMG do you remember the story about the beautiful tablecloths the jacquard linen masterpieces found in a shipping barrel with the original tags !!!! OMG those linens were beautiful works of art and the story sent me on my search did you look for such things at tag sales

Pru @ Perfecting Pru said...


You and Martha making the yarn cards is on the front page of the Martha website today!


Wow! Thanks for the heads-up, Pru! Very nice! =)