Everyday Food's Summer Spectacular!

I'm not really a summer person, to be frank. While heat-lovers and sun-bathers rejoice, I'm usually running for cover under a big shady tree, looking for any excuse to get cool. But summer is a pleasure thanks to the season's spectacular food, as Everyday Food editor-in-chief Sarah Carey rightly notes in her introduction to the magazine's summer issue, which is on most newsstands next week. Summer food is not just comforting and delicious, it is fresh and ripe and succulent. The July/August issue of Everyday Food does a remarkable job celebrating the best of the summer season.
The editors came up with two covers for their summer issue: both included in the same edition. The main cover features a favourite treat from my childhood: the tri-coloured popsicle in red, white and blue. I believe its commercial name is 'The Rocket' but this homemade version is probably a thousand times more flavourful. Flip the cover and you are greeted by a sleek, almost metallic cover with skewers of meat and vegetables fresh off the grill!
The issue offers its best variations on easy weekday staples, such as broiled fish with summer salad, pork with mozzarella and tomato (top left), zesty pork sandwiches and backyard jerk chicken. But my favourite section is the feature on ice-cream truck desserts! How wonderful to have recipes to make your own icy confections when ever the urge strikes: a delicious fudgesicle, a brownie ice-cream bar, lemon ice and sundae cones using homemade ice cream, dripping with chocolate and nuts. This issue does summer right! Be sure to get a copy if you don't yet subscribe.

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Mary said...

In case anyone is thinking about making the fudge bars, I made them and they are delicious! Can't wait to try some of the other recipes from this issue.