Guest Blog: Sunset Orange

The following post is brought to you by Arcadian Lighting, a longtime supporter of Martha Moments. John Moore of Arcadian Home was kind enough to reach out to me about doing a guest post for the blog, which you can read below, written by one of his assistants, Jessica.

Hello, I'm Jessica! I'm a writing for Arcadian Lighting, a wonderful online resource for affordable lighting fixtures in all styles and sizes. Part of my job includes looking for inspiring interior designs and then sharing them with lovely blogs, like Martha Moments. I've been thinking about all the different places that we draw inspiration from, and I think the best place is nature. That's why I've compiled some very beautiful rooms that feature the vibrant orange color of sunsets. In many of the photos above, orange is used as a bold accent in otherwise neutral rooms. The effect can be both modern or traditional, but the visual impact is always impressive. To help bring the vibrance of summer indoors this season, try experimenting with hits of orange in your favourite rooms in the home. And don't worry about committing to the color. You can get the same enjoyment from orange with a set of bowls, an orange lamp, a cushion, a print, a bedspread, any form of interior accent that can be swapped out for something more subdued when you're ready for a change. Visit Arcadian Home for more d├ęcor ideas!


Christine Witt (Brush Dance) said...

I've been digging orange lately and have a few items around the house to reflect that. Not sure I'd paint my walls orange, though - brave!


Orange is fun. That's the only word I can use to describe it! Yes, in small doses only, please.

Rowaida said...

Beautiful images of very well designed rooms with the use of orange color. Orange color is very trendy now, in fashion and accessories.