Martha to Guest Star on Law & Order SVU

Martha Stewart will guest star on an episode of Law & Order Special Victims Unit on NBC in late April. The episode, titled "Learning Curve" will have Martha playing the headmaster of a New York City private school. Arrested Development star Tony Hale and Hung alum Jane Adams will also star in the episode in which a teacher is accused of inappropriate behaviour with one of the students. This is not the first guest appearance by Martha in a televison show; she has done spots on "Ugly Betty," "All My Children," "The Simpsons" and most recently on "Two Broke Girls" in an episode that will air in May. In most of these roles, however, she has played herself. This is one of very few roles (perhaps the only one) where Martha has played a character! Check your local listings for an air date late next month.

In the meantime, here is a nice interview with Martha about how she got started in business, courtesy of the Huffington Post.


Trellis Smith said...

I loved the interviews with Martha. I'm always amazed by her life and her perspective on living. Now that she has more time since the daily tv show is reorganizing, I hope there are more in depth interviews. I want to see a Martha behind the scenes program.


I agree, Trellis. I've always wanted Martha to do a documentary about her life with sit-down interviews with her and some of her closest friends/family: at home, at work, in the garden. That needs to happen at some point in the next 10 years.