The Optimism of January

There is something optimistic about the month of January: a new calendar, new beginnings, a chance to start fresh. The January issue of Martha Stewart Living has always played well with those philosophies and the first issue of 2012 is no different. Traditionally, the January issue is all about organizing and homekeeping, healthy living and warming winter crafts and activities. It's one of my favourite issues of the year. Its pared-down approach to lifestyle matches its slim size and the crisp imagery always inspires me to whip at least one closet in my life into order. 

The 2012 January issue has a focus on kitchens - a first for the magazine - exploring several truly beautiful and functional kitchens in various sizes and styles. 

We finally get an in-depth look at the kitchen in Martha's guesthouse at Cantitoe Corners, the Maple Avenue House on her property. Painted a sunny yellow, its design was inspired by Shaker principles with open shelving and plenty of storage. (This is the kitchen that inspired the Maidstone kitchen concept available at Home Depot.)

Martha also takes us into her new 'homekeeping room', located on the lower level of a restored goat barn on the property, where she also houses her gym on the second floor. This is where Martha restores furniture and houses all of her 'fix-it' supplies. The furniture is from the Martha Stewart Living Craft Space collection from Home Decorators Collection.

The Good Things column feels fresh and editorial with a pleasant new font.

Many readers will be pleased to see the return of the traditional grid-calendar format for the "Martha's Month" column.

A really inspired article on houseplants asks the reader to create miniature landscapes using series of small plants in large vessels.


Darlene said...

i am so Pleased that the Martha Calendar is coming back.Also Just in time for My kitchen Makeover with all the issues great ideas!

Anonymous said...

It's great that the issue is devoted to kitchens as I am at that stage in my home renovations now.