Martha's New Craft Furniture

New from the Home Decorators Collection and Martha Stewart Living is a line of craft furniture designed to facilitate a home studio. The line is called the Craft Space Collection and is designed to be highly functional with maximum storage capability. The pieces are based on the custom-made furniture in Martha's own personal craft rooms. There are pieces designed specifically to hold wrapping paper and ribbon and plenty of drawer and shelf space for tools, paper, sewing supplies and more. The furniture is available in two colours, sage green and white. Examples are shown below. Available December 21.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew,

I just wanted to write to say a heartfelt thank you for having the Martha Moments website. Literally, your website is about the only place I can learn about "new" Martha products, because the regular www.marthastewart.com website doesn't seem to have up and coming things like you do. Tonight, when I finally sat down at my PC, going to Martha Moments is one of the first places I check and your blog about the up and coming craft furniture line at Home Decorators made me scream out loud! My husband came running (poor guy) because he thought I was hurt. We are building a new house and I will finally have a craft/sewing room for myself and have been looking for furniture... and you magically drop it on my screen - HOW WONDERFUL!!!!!! Of course, I went to the Home Decorator website and there isn't a mention of this furniture yet, not even a "coming attraction".... but I can wait 5 more days, no problem. You always seem to have the "in-road" to Martha's products.. I learned about Martha Clean and the kitchen cabinet line at Home Depot on your site. THANK YOU! Melody

Gabriela said...

Hello Andrew,

Yes, Melody is right!
I also love coming here for the latest on Martha's products.

I love these new Craft Furniture line!

Have a great weekend!

~ Gabriela ~

Anonymous said...

Swoon! Oh this makes my heart happy! I love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is brilliant!-Renee

Anonymous said...

Where in Canada is this collection available for purchase?

C D Daoust said...

Another Canadian wanted to know where we can buy this here.

Anonymous said...

Where in the US can I view the craft furniture?