From Fabric to Gift Wrap

I love this holiday Good Thing: Photocopying or scanning vibrant fabrics is an easy way to create unique, eye-catching gift wrap. You likely have some bold prints around the house, perhaps even a vintage dress or some antique linens. Scan the fabric and then make colour copies on white paper, enlarging and reducing the scale to achieve different looks from the same swatch. You could even use the material itself as a wrapping. Cut the fabric neatly to size and then stitch it loosely to seal the gift inside. The receiver can then simply cut the stitches to open the gift. Rather than throwing out the wrapping she will have a a beautiful swatch of fabric to keep.


Mary Ann Pickett said...

I love the wrapping with fabric but the stitching idea sounds too labor intensive...any glue or tape that would work?
Mary Ann


The stitching helps preserve the integrity of the fabric if you wanted the receiver to save it. (It would just require a quick but neat stitch of a few simple threads on the corners.) But, you could certainly use fabric glue or fabric tape to secure the edges.