Into White

I've never really understood the tradition of banishing white clothing after Labour Day. There are a number of explanations for this peculiar bit of fashion etiquette, but it's not a rule I adhere to. (In fact, I love wearing white during winter.) To flagrantly escape the trappings of holiday conformity, I thought I'd present to you the joys of surrounding oneself in white at home.

Trends surrounding the use of white in interior design ebb and flow in favour. The push towards colour in modern decorating is one I whole-heartedly support - but not at the expense of an indulgence in the greatest non-colour of all: white.

White can be glorious indoors, virtuous in its purity and simplicity. It is the ultimate enhancer of space and light, effortlessly reflecting airiness and brightness in even the darkest rooms. It is fresh and invigorating, an excellent backdrop to hits of vibrant colour and one of the simplest ways to achieve style. Be sure to always consider texture when using white to prevent a feeling of barrenness in your rooms. The addition of wood (even white wood) will warm the room, as will textured fabrics and accessories, such as pillows and throws. The effect can be clean and modern, or rustic, depending on your style. Below are some images I've gathered to highlight the wonders of white indoors.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how long it will be before you get a lesson in the 'no white rule'?!

I enjoyed these photos (and very few Martha ones if my eyes serve me right). I'm happy that there are no rules like that in the UK although I can't imagine that anyone would stick to them! Our house sticks to greys with white trimming but I rarely wear white, but you may have inspired me enough to have a look!

Anonymous said...

I love how beautiful and elegant the simplicity of white can be. Loved this post!

Melody said...

I truly would love to have a white house.. so pristine and clean! I just love these photographs so much.

Ailsa said...

Those were gorgeous photos Andrew! I loved looking at them and imagining how I can incorporate some of the ideas into my house. I already re-did the kitchen in mostly white (with sky blue walls -- so not me!)
Thanks for the shots. I especially loved the ones where dark wood contrasts with white.