An Alternative to Blueprint

For those of us who mourn the loss of Blueprint magazine daily (and I know there are a few of you out there!), I thought I'd bring a potential alternative to your attention. On my other blog, I wrote about a new magazine I discovered called Anthology and I thought I'd post about it here, too, to give it a wider platform. Based out of San Francisco, the new start-up is emerging at a time when so many shelter magazines are folding. It offers subscriptions in the US, Canada and the UK, making it widely available and accessible. I admire the bravery and vision of the editors, who are bringing the best of modern, affordable style to the masses in a lovely print format. (The printed page is not extinct!)
I've subscribed to the magazine but have not yet received my first issue. From what I can gather, it delivers fresh, interior-design ideas from a perspective that is both eclectic and stylish, encouraging an artistic approach to the creation of one's interior spaces. Blueprint lovers will admire its layout, the use of Fling font and the sense of youth in its pages, but may miss the fashion and cooking elements, which are not part of the Anthology mission. In any case, it's worth a browse!


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a new magazine but £12 an issue (even if quarterly) is over my budget. I like Lonny which I think is a great new magazine (and free). Rue just doesn't seem to want to play ball on my computer and I have given up! Bring back paper!

P.S. I called the Pizzazz Media number but I was told that they were for the serviced offices which the company used to rent. Looks like they are out of business.

Sarah in WA said...

Has anyone found this at a bookstore or newsstand yet? I checked Barnes & Noble today and it wasn't there.

Philippines properties for sale said...

What an article! Congrats! Looks wonderful, I'll have to go out and buy it so I can read it asap! Beautiful!!

Paula M

lisa_d said...

I'm a fan of this magazine. Thanks for sharing this alternative to blueprint. I love the interior design of the photos you have shared. Perfect for my condo at Avida towers in Cebu.