Mad Hungry with Lucinda

There is a lot going on at the MSLO Television department as fall approaches. The move to Hallmark has inspired a roster of new television shows, including Martha Stewart Presents, Whatever With Alexis & Jennifer and Mad Hungry with Lucinda Scala Quinn, in addition to new episodes of The Martha Stewart Show and Everyday Food. Lucinda's new program is going to be one of the most exciting. Based on her fantastic book of the same name, the show will have a down-to-earth, family approach to cooking for busy moms on the go - without sacrificing great taste and presentation. You can see photos of the new set at Lucinda's blog by clicking here. I love how it looks: warm, familiar and comforting. The show will air weekdays at 12:00/11:00 central.
Lucinda Scala Quinn, editorial director for food at MSLO, preps a dish with her producers on set.


Pru said...

I am still hoping that a deal can be done in the UK to show some of the Martha programmes, but I would love, love, love to watch Lucinda's programme. I have the book, but to watch her in real life would be a great treat. The set photos look wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Don't we have an abundance of these shows on Food Network already? I'm still skeptical about how all this Martha programming will be received on this channel. But since they are not affilitaed with a network, then they won't care about rating so much.

MBL said...

The show concept is very identifiable. Kudos for the idea.
I love the new kitchen set, it is so homey-real!
The recipes in the book are family friendly and will be used on a regular basis.
Can't wait for your first show.
Isn't Beth awesome. I'm sure she had some great input for the show and is a valuable asset!
I can say that because she is my daughter and I think she is wonderful.
Good Luck Lucinda!
Mary Beth Lesko, Freeland, PA