French-Door Room Divider

I love this idea from the September, 2003, issue of Martha Stewart Living. Sometimes open-concept floor plans need a little help to become cozy, private and intimate spaces. Rather than putting up walls, try folding screens and portable room dividers to bring sophistication and practicality to your room. They are light enough to maneuver and change seasonally, if desired, or they can be stowed away at a moment's notice if the occasion calls for it. This DIY version of a folding screen employs the use of three solid-core French doors (which are sturdy and can carry hardware nicely), a little paint and some fabric. A solid table with a floral arrangement anchors the vignette.

Double-acting hinges are used to secure the three French doors together. They enable the doors to fold in both directions, which is a luxurious bonus. Begin by priming and painting the doors. The ones shown here are new doors, but older, more rusticated doors would also be charming. Install two leveling glides on each end of the bottom of each door. This will let you move the screen easily and steady it on an uneven floor. It is recommended to have two people to undertake this project since the doors can be heavy and awkward when securing them together. In the screen pictured above, the editors chose an antique sconce to hang in the center, which adds character.
On the other side of the newly-formed screen, beautiful material is stretched between opposing curtain brackets on each door. These curtains bring the privacy factor, while still allowing the panes of glass to add interest on the facing side of the screen.


Ailsa said...

Looks like the Sept 2003 issue had a lot to offer! :c)
So many room dividers are either not large enough or not very attractive. This idea really works well in a home with the same kind of architectural detail. Great idea that's still totally in style Andrew!


It's a great issue! It includes an article on how to incorporate collections into your living space: plates, mirrors, etc. I think this project would also be really great with rustic looking doors. It would add a lot of character to a room.