Martha's New Shows at Hallmark

The fall lineup at Hallmark was announced today, including the spate of new Martha Stewart programming. Following new episodes of "The Martha Stewart Show," to air weekdays at 10 a.m., will be an as-yet-untitled hour-long talk show with Stewart's daughter, Alexis Stewart, and pal Jennifer Koppelman Hutt, hosts of Sirius XM's "Whatever." The show will be filmed before a studio audience and tackle the day's headlines, as well as fashion, beauty and more. "I see it being like 'The View,'" said Laura Sillars, senior vice president of lifestyle programming at Hallmark. "They're going to have fun with it, be witty and humorous, but still give information. We're looking forward to that one because I think it'll bring in a younger viewership."
Mad Hungry With Lucinda will debut at noon, with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia executive food editor Lucinda Scala Quinn. Quinn is an author of several popular cookbooks, including "Mad Hungry: Feeding Men & Boys," which is the inspiration for the series.

"I feel good about being with Hallmark because I'm all about the family meal and Hallmark is all about family programming," said Quinn. "This is really just a sort of how-to uprising for bringing back the family meal in an affordable, accessible, fun way - in real time, with a real-life action plan to feed the people you love."

Following a half-hour of "Mad Hungry," Hallmark will air an episode of Stewart's "Everyday Food" (from seasons one through four) from 12:30 to 1 p.m. From 1 to 4, the network will air select episodes from MSLO's library, including titles like "From Martha's Kitchen" and "From Martha's Home." Martha will also tape original Halloween and Christmas specials, as well as conduct two prime-time interviews for the network this fall.

"Daytime television is still a viable way that women learn better ways to do things in their lives," said Sillars. "It's still a very important part of our culture and the way we watch television."


Kenn said...

I love it when I'm right! I predicted that Lucinda would have her own show.. :-)
I think it will be a great lineup. I'm very anxious to see the holiday and primetime specials.

Anonymous said...

I'm very skeptical about this. Martha is going to tie up this entire network from 10 until 4 every day? I don't know how popular that will be with the demographic that already watches this channel. Let's put it this way - my daughter asked me today why there are so many commercials for dentures on there! And I wouldn't count of the Whatever girls to bring in newer, younger viewers. They have not done a live TV show like that before, and it's not that easy to achieve success. just ask Martha after her live stint on the network.


Yes, Kenn, you were bang on! You even said that it would center on the "Mad Hungry" theme. Do you have a crystal ball you're not telling me about? Anonymous: Let's give it a chance before we jump to too many conclusions.

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of all the Martha shows and am looking forward to having so many hours of Martha every day!!!

She calms my nerves.

Alexis on the other hand, I don't know. She's super funny as the daughter of Martha Stewart, saying out loud what a lot of people are thinking, but I wouldn't take her advice for much.

Anonymous said...

Will Hallmark channel come to Canada with martha's shows lineup?

Dan Viger said...

WOW! Andrew I am on very shaky ground about all of this! Martha has a following.. and many people just don't like alexis at all. Comments like snide and rude are just a few comments that I have heard.. I am hopefull that you are talking just one show and not a series of shows with her daughter! 2011 is going to be shaky!!

Dan Viger

Anonymous said...

Question from Down Under - Do you know if this line up is going to be the same in other countries (Australia) with Hallmark? PS: Andrew, thanks for your great website.


I'm pretty sure this will be the same in all of the countries that Hallmark airs. Now we just need to get it into Canada!