New Grocery Line from Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Hain Celestial Group, Hain Pure Protein and Niman Ranch have teamed up to expand the new line of all-natural Martha Stewart grocery products, bringing a broader selection of items to a broader range of retailers around the U.S.

This new program will include sustainably raised, antibiotic-free meats produced by Niman Ranch and Hain Pure Protein, as well as a line of all-natural baking mixes with The Hain Celestial Group, Inc., adding to the existing line of cleaning products: Martha Stewart Clean environmentally safe, home cleaning solutions with Hain Celestial. The product lines are expected to be distributed in supermarkets, mass-market retailers and warehouse clubs nationwide. (Martha Stewart Clean - a line of environmentally safe home cleaning solutions - is already available in a broad range of national and regional grocery stores across the country, including Publix, A&P, Giant Eagle, Shop Rite, Fairway and more. The products are also available at The Home Depot.)
Niman Ranch, the largest network of U.S. family farmers and ranchers, and an industry leader in humane and sustainable livestock practices, will provide the meats to create easy-to-prepare meal solutions. All Martha Stewart products are made from meats that are antibiotic-free, 100 percent vegetarian-fed and contain no added growth hormones, as well as being gluten-free.

The selection of products includes ham steak, bratwurst, spicy chorizo, applewood-smoked bacon, fresh marinated pork chops and roasts, smoked pork shanks, braised beef short ribs, hot dogs, and a variety of chicken and pork sausages, as well as holiday hams and turkeys. Hain Pure Protein, a leading supplier of natural, vegetarian-fed, antibiotic-free poultry products, will supply the turkey, which it produces under the Plainville Farms brand.

Martha Stewart's new line of cake, cookie and brownie mixes provides exceptional depth of flavor from pure, all-natural ingredients, including the highest-quality chocolate and vanilla beans. The products are competitively priced, filling the gap between conventional mixes at $1.99 and super-premium mixes at $8.99. The product line includes mixes for chocolate cake, vanilla cake, fudge brownies, sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies. Additional recipes for variations and frosting are provided on every package. Expect to see these new items soon! (Also watch for Martha's new line of pet products at Pet Stores this June!)


Pru said...

I don't understand really. I always thought the concept was to make the product and be proud of it. I don't see how I could ever be proud of making a Martha Stewart cake mix. But it will be interesting to see if people actually make them and what they think. I personally will keep baking and cooking Martha's products from scratch. I'm about to make a peach tart from the Pies & Tarts book.


I understand your point Pru, believe me. I think the aim here is to broaden her market. For those who like the 'idea' of cooking like Martha, but who just don't have the time or the skill, there are the cake mixes and prepared meals. For those who prefer the 'do-it-from-scratch' method, Martha provides that too.


Good luck on the tart, by the way. That book is a classic!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the MS brand continues to expand, even in this tough economy. She continues to reinvent grow the brand. Good for her!

I don't know about this post, Andrew. It reads like a press release, straight from MSO. I'm looking here for *your* take on MS products and ideas, not the company line.

Pru said...

I understand the reasoning, but I still wouldn't be enticed. The tart by the way, was wonderful. I am never happier than when I bake and get really good compliments on it!


Oh, I post some news, I post some opinion. I have a pretty busy life, so I need the odd press release to keep me from working too hard. As the tagline says, "Martha Stewart news, resources and events with original essays on lifestyle topics."

Anonymous said...

I love Martha, LOVE her, but I'm worried things are getting stretched a little to thin. I just hope the integrity of the original magazine and home products aren't compromised. I don't want to lose the Martha in Martha!

Jim said...

I got to vote on the images for one of the cake mixes. It's going to be interesting to see the design chosen.

I had the hardest time with homemade being shown on the box. A box doesn't say homemade to me.

She's had some mixes @ Macy's. Not sure how well they sold there.