Seed Package Design

Below are some examples of the new Martha Stewart Living herb and vegetable seed packages now available at Home Depot. They are available in store only, not online. Certified organic, there is a very wide selection to choose from, including carrots, various types of peppers, broccoli, several tomato types, lettuce, pumpkins and squash. Herbs include the standards. They are free of insecticides and were developed naturally in environmentally-friendly conditions. As far as I know, the garden line (including these seeds and a special line of Martha Stewart gardening tools) are currently only available in the Canadian stores. (Note the bilingual signage, common to all products sold in Canada. However, the French translation of the word organic is incorrect. It should read "biologique" not "organique.") U.S. stores may receive these items next year if all goes well up here!


Ailsa said...

In my last trip to HD I noticed she also had a good selection of summer flowering bulbs, like dahlias and cannas, etc. Didn't stop yet to buy but they were nicely packaged and given a high profile spot right inside the doors. I didn't notice the seeds, though; perhaps I missed them or they weren't in yet. Thanks for showing them Andrew.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! I bought some seeds ( herb) and can`t wait to grow them in my garden. Also bought Martha Stewart Clean products sold at Canadian Superstore this week!

Keep it up fabalous work!
Winniepg, Manitoba

Kenn said...

Not available state side.. I need to update the passport so I can shop in Windsor!

Marie-Ève said...

That's great, can't wait to see them, although I'm not sure I'm going to grow from seed this year.

The only problem is that the French translation for "organic" is actually "biologique," and NOT "organique," which rather means "something that comes from a living being". You would think Martha would get her translations right... :-)

Litmus said...

Nice packaging design. Specially look clear result of seeds image.