Valentines for (and by) kids

I really miss Jodi Levine. The intrepid editor of "Kids" magazine (now out of print) and the editorial director of kids content for Martha Stewart Living no longer seems to be working for the company; I couldn't find her name anywhere in the directory of editors at the front of the current issue of the magazine. (Update: Jodi is still at the company in product development and creating craft-related content for all platforms! Yay!)

Anyhow, I always used to look forward to the "Kids" magazine and to the wonderfully creative craft ideas inside, many of which can be adapted slightly to suit an adult's sensibilities. I am not a parent, but I am an uncle, and doing crafts with my nephew, Jacob, is always so much fun. I love children's imaginations and their whimsical ideas. As a creative person, I find them so inspiring and fresh: unfiltered, unedited.

Below are some Valentine's Day craft ideas for kids, perfect for a school-day celebration of the snuggly holiday.

Simple paper lunch bags take on an affectionate glow when they're embellished with d├ęcoupage. Paper cutouts of hearts, roses, birds and butterflies accompany sweet messages. Inside the bags, tuck a package of small sweets, a handmade card or stickers.
This craft idea takes the notion of 'holding hands' to a new level of artistry. Kids can trace their hands and cut out the shape and then write loving messages on the palms. Simple, meaningful and adorable.
Heart cutouts take on the shape of flower petals when they're arranged around the 'stem' of a delicious lollipop. Glue the hearts in a circular formation to achieve the flower, leaving a small hole in the center to place the lollipop. You can fasten the candy to the paper using a touch of clear tape.


Stacy said...

Oh I just saw Jodi recently in photos here:

I hope she hasn't left. She seems like such an integral part of the MS family.


Thanks, Stacy! She's not listed in the 'credits' anymore... but I hope she is still lurking there somewhere! Her ideas were fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I think she is now a Crafts Dept Editor as well as Craft product designer.