Martha Stewart Living at Home Depot

With the launch of the new Martha Stewart Living products at Home Depot just around the corner, I thought I'd preview a few of the new products that will be available to us (Canada and the U.S.) next month. Along with the new Martha Stewart Living paint and the new Martha Stewart Clean products, shoppers will also be able to purchase indoor and outdoor rugs, various organizational storage units and hardware and patio furniture under the Martha Stewart Living brand. Below are a few things I've got my eye on... A useful bench ($68) placed at a busy entryway is the perfect place to store the things you take with you as you leave your home every day. The cubbies could be used for just about anything. Pefect for storing shoes and boots, they could also be designated as recycling centers: glass, paper and plastic. (The clean, minimalist designs of some of the storage units makes them very versatile.) Pretty and practical fabric storage boxes (10.5" by 11") come in all shades and have label windows for easy identification: $6.45 per unit. This Belle Isle sofa (my favourite of the 16 new patio collections) would look gorgeous on a patio, deck or balcony. Personally, I may use it as a banquette in my kitchen: $499.The Floating Dahlia rug in brown is my favourite of the new rug collection: $157 - $547 depending on size. Sign up for the Home Depot newsletter to be informed about any and all new Martha Stewart Living products as they become available. The newsletter allows you to shop Martha's Toolbox, learn about kids workshops, read press releases related to Martha Stewart Living and has a link to Martha's blog.


Bill said...

The Home Depot here in Chicago has the Martha Stewart line already (cleaning products and outdoor furnature). I did not look for the other stuff while I was there last week. I am not going to say what I thought until I see what others think and/or look at the Home Depot website. I need to see if there is more out there that we did not have in this one store I went to.

Sarah in WA said...

My Home Depot also has the cleaning products and quite a large selection of the patio furniture/outdoor accessories. I thought the furniture was a bit pricey but it looks a little better than the KMart version.

I still didn't see the MS Paint out yet, I know others already have it at their store.

The cleaning products were right at the front entrance, just like the Home Depot store Martha visited on her blog.

Anonymous said...

i did see the cleaning products in the front entrance, tried all...only problem found was the fabric softener, was so thick it would dispense itself in front loader bin... but loved all others especially the dish soap and wood floor cleaner...yay martha!

bill said...

no paint in Chicago--yet, or that I have seen.

Did anyone think the weight of the furnature was too lite? Some of it seemed cheap (not cost)beacuse of the weight. I thought it might blow away. It seemed K-Mart furnature was heavy and this new line was not. Maybe it is more high tech, but if you need to run after it in a storm or find it on your neighbors roof.....!!!!

I am thinking of giving the cleaning products as gifts during my Summer party this year. I do like the hand soap (I have not used anything else)

BLoNotJLo said...

Thank you for the post. I have my eye on the bench. It's exactly what we need by the front door for all the kiddo stuff. Love your blog!