Martha Loves Her Anthropologie

On my recent appearance on The Martha Stewart Show I was really pleased to hear that Anthropologie is one of Martha Stewart's favourite stores - or at least a favourite among her company's staff. Her exact words were, "We love Anthropologie. It's one of our favourite stores." (Not sure if that's the Royal We, or an actual "we.") I'm also glad the feeling is mutual; At our store we recently used the Martha Stewart glitter set to enhance our holiday tie-ons! Our display coordinator called it the 'best glitter ever!'

Anyway, as the senior housewares specialist at our store in Toronto, I'm surrounded by wonderfully unique items that just can't be found anywhere else. Describing the style of the housewares to others is always a bit difficult because they are somewhat undefinable. It is all very eclectic and has a definite vintage or retro feel to it; think of Granny's little coloured juice glasses with the handpainted periwinkles that you loved as a child, or her adorable little yellow butter dish or that whimsical shower curtain with the embroidered daffodils that looked brilliant in the morning sunshine streaming through the window. I have several examples of Anthro housewares in my own home, since I'm not one to resist temptation when it strikes. You can see some of them below.
I mean, is this not one of the most beautiful tea sets you've seen in your entire life? The flower relief pattern is unglazed, beautifully contrasting the smoothness of the porcelain.
You can never have too many teacups. These initial "Missus" mugs are made of porcelain and are emblazoned with the initial of your choice. The cup and saucer in the foreground is also porcelain with gold-plated detail.
Whimsical liqueur glasses made of black glass come in rabbit, elk and moose varieties.These dessert plates, called the "Sky Map Collection" are astrologically sound - not to mention gorgeously detailed with astral designs. They would be amazing on a festive dessert buffet.I've got quite a collection of Anthropologie's scented candles. I not only love the scents (such as firewood, balsam fir, mulled wine and chestnut) but also the attractive tins.These ones from the Boulangerie collection are among my favourites. They come in the most delicious scents, such as Spiced Vanilla Pecan, Angel Food Cake, Pumpkin Ginger Pound Cake and Sweet Vanilla & Cinnamon. If you want to fill your home with the scents of baking without ever switching on the oven, these are for you!
This line is available elsewhere, but the tins shown above are specially designed for Anthropologie.


Joseph Patz said...

Everything is gorgeous!
I want the rabbit liqueur glasses.
You must post direct links! I couldn't find them on the site.
Yours, Joseph


Hi Joseph! I've posted links to the ones available. I think the website may have discontinued the liqueur glasses. I think they were seasonal.

Mo said...

I do like that store too, though I prefer a less fuzzy style. I like to shop there for accents.

Anonymous said...

anthro is so unique for a "chain store". The in-store ambience is wonderful, and I always feel like I'm in some vintage flea market in Paris when shopping there... except for the prcies. That's my one beef. The prices are too high, especially in this economy. Yes, stores have their little sale section, but often times, I don't like what's offered (perhaps it was stuff that didn't sell well)or even the sale price is too high. I feel style should be affordable,and I think a store like Target has made great strides in this respect over the last 10 years or so.

CrimsonBruin said...

Oh my -- I love Anthropologie! I also saw the peacock in the store when I went in November. It is spectacular!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Anthropologie, as all of my friends would tell you. It is truly the best place to get something unique, and beautiful. I actually feel like the prices are pretty decent, given what you're getting. For the most part, the quality is good, and you can be guaranteed that (unlike the Gap), you won't see every person on the street corner wearing the same thing. I buy some things full price, and others on sale. I have a little trick actually. I try on what I like, then put it on my wish list. I then check my wish list every week to see if the items have gone on sale. I'll either pick it up in the store or order online...fantastic! The things I buy full price are the things that I know won't be around long enough to go on sale.

Gourmet Candles Distributor said...

I love the rabbit holder for liquor. Where can one obtain these new items.